All about me, professionally.


I started designing websites and building applications (for real) around 2002. Learning to code spawned from the desire to bring my designs to life, but programming quickly became a passion. On top of that, being in a ~leadership role has brought a lot of new challenges and I'm excited to see where this path takes me. I'm very fortunate to love all aspects of what I do.


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Current Job

2021—Present: Engineering Manager

I'm still at Solarwinds! But after spending 5-6 years as a Tech Lead, I've moved into an Engineering Manager role. My goal is to help my team(s) grow and ship better code, faster.

~Job Details

  • Drive an Agile process focused on helping teams efficiently move tasks from TODO to DONE.

  • Work with engineers, build relationships, and shelter them from distractions so they can do their best work.

  • Lots of focus on process improvements, feature planning, and a little bit of coding :-)

Notable Experience